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James A. Scudder, the son of a Methodist preacher, was born and raised in Kentucky.  While attending the University of Kentucky he trusted Christ as his Savior and immediately enrolled in Florida Bible College.

1971-72 After graduating from Florida Bible College in 1971, Dr. Scudder and his wife Linda, moved to Chicago to begin their ministry. Full of faith and with a great burden for souls, Dr. Scudder began an independent Bible-believing church on Fullerton Ave. in Chicago and called it the Chicago Bible Church. This storefront church was the beginning of an incredible vision that would lead untold thousands to the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

1973-1983 Property was soon purchased on Quentin Road in Palatine, Illinois, thus giving the name Quentin Road Bible Baptist Church. It was on this two and a half acres that Dr. Scudder built the first of many buildings in the Spring of 1974. Quickly outgrowing that building, an adjoining acre was purchased and a new auditorium was completed in 1978.  Seeing the need for Christian education, he began the Quentin Road Christian School in 1979 for grades K-12.  Then in 1983 God laid it on his heart to start a four year program training young men and women to be the Christian leaders of tomorrow, teaching them the fundamentals of the local church and the importance of presenting a clear Gospel.  Dayspring Bible College has been instrumental in starting local churches across the country and sending missionaries overseas.

1984  Due to steady and increasing growth of both the church and schools it became apparent that a bigger building was needed. Stepping out on faith, Dr. Scudder led the church to 43 acres, incredibly enough, still located on Quentin Road just 8 miles north in the town of Lake Zurich. The 24,000 square foot multipurpose building was built entirely by the dedicated men and women of the church in less than a year.

1985 Dr. Scudder began the Quentin Road Christian Preschool in 1985. This quickly became an incredible successful ministry of reaching the community through children. This has been a tremendous step in reaching families with the Gospel and getting them into church. Parents from all over the Northwest Suburbs began enrolling their 3 to 5 year old children in our year-round preschool program.  Now, with over 1,600 children enrolled annually, it has become one of the nation’s largest Christian preschools and has earned a first-rate reputation.

1987 With so many activities going on in the church, including the volleyball and basketball programs of the school, and large Awana Clubs, there arose a need for a gymnasium which was built in 1987.  Once again the men and women of the church gave of their time to build the 13,000 square foot full-size gymnasium. Currently, this building also houses a Graphic Arts and Printing Department in which all of our four-color printing and layouts are done and it’s the home of the Victory In Grace department.

1992-93 In the fall of 1992 Dr. Scudder, along with his dedicated church family, began to pursue the possibilities of spreading the clear Gospel of grace through television.  On May 16, 1993, the Quentin Road Bible Hour television broadcast aired for the first time. Throughout the week, Dr. Scudder gives the Word of God to a hungry, searching world and each time the Bible Hour is aired, the clear, simple Gospel of grace is given.   The Bible Hour is now known as VICTORY IN GRACE with Dr. James A. Scudder. It is now seen in over 168 countries around the world.

1997 Victory In Grace radio, with Dr. James A. Scudder, aired for the first time on April 13, 1997. The radio broadcast schedule includes the VCY Network and many local stations across the country. Many lives have been changed because of the verse-by-verse expository preaching of Dr. Scudder and his love for the clear Gospel message. Once again the present facilities became too small and a 83,000 square foot auditorium and multipurpose addition was completed in 1997.  Included in this facility is a 2,500 seat auditorium, a video and audio production facility, a large commercial kitchen and cafeteria, Dayspring Bible College and Seminary, offices, a second full-size gymnasium, a swimming pool, and an indoor play land.

2004-2006 Two very important ministries were started during this time that were huge outreaches to the community:  Reformers Unanimous Addictions program in 2004 and Dyslexia Solutions in 2006. Not only do these ministries help people with their addictions and with their dyslexia but every opportunity is taken to share the clear gospel message.

Dr. Scudder also the author of numerous books, including Beyond Failure, Your Secret to Spiritual Success, published by Crossway Books and The Coming World Leader and His Economic Prosperity published by Victory In Grace. He has guided over twenty trips to the Holy Land and many mission trips to India, Russia, Thailand and the Philippines.

HIS FAMILY The Lord has blessed Dr. Scudder with a faithful wife, Linda, who loves the Lord and is a beautiful example to other Christian women. They have two grown children who now have families of their own. Their daughter Julie is married to Neal Dearyan and they have two children, James and Amanda. Neal is the senior pastor at Crossroads Bible Church in Chili, Ohio. Their son, Jim Jr. and his wife Karen, have two daughters, Amy and Erica. He is the Executive Pastor at Quentin Road, as well as the President of Dayspring Bible College and Seminary.

HIS BELIEFS  As a fundamentalist, Dr. James A. Scudder believes in the verbal inspiration of the Bible in its original autographs, the virgin birth and deity of Christ, His vicarious death for sin, His physical resurrection, salvation by grace through faith, and the pretribulation, premillenial coming of Christ. He is a believer in biblical separation in the local church and uses the King James Version of the Bible.