Pastoral Staff

Dr. James A. Scudder — Senior Pastor

Dr. James A. ScudderJames A. Scudder is a popular author and Bible teacher. He is the founder and senior pastor of the Quentin Road Bible Baptist Church and the host of the international television and radio broadcast, Victory In Grace. Dr. Scudder’s latest books include Your Secret to Spiritual Success and The Coming World Leader. He is also the chancellor of Dayspring Bible College & Seminary.

For over 40 years, the members of Quentin Road have come to enjoy Dr. Scudder’s verse-by-verse teaching from the Scriptures. He is known for his powerful preaching and his keen understanding of current events as they relate to the believer. His down-to-earth style both in print and preaching, have made him beloved by the members of QRBBC.

Dr. Scudder and his wife Linda have two grown children, Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr. and Julie Dearyan. They also have 4 grandchildren: Amy, Erica, James, and Amanda.

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Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr. — Executive Pastor

Pastor-Jim-2013-smallPastor James A. Scudder, Jr. is the Executive Pastor of Quentin Road Bible Baptist Church and shares the pulpit with his father, Dr. James A. Scudder, Sr. Pastor Jim previously served as Senior Pastor of the Westchester Bible Church in the west suburbs of Chicago for 5 years.

Pastor Jim comes from a family of preachers. His grandfather, Isaac, was a lifelong pastor in Kentucky. Pastor Jim trusted Christ as his personal Savior at age 5 and felt the Lord’s leading to be a pastor at age 16.

Pastor Jim graduated from Quentin Road Christian School and attended Dayspring Bible College for four years, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical Studies in 1993. He also earned a Master of Theology degree from Solid Rock Theological Seminary’s extension in Memphis, Tennessee in 2006. Before his pastorates, Pastor Jim served as director of Media Ministries and Assistant to Dr. Scudder at Quentin Road.

Pastor Jim and his wife, Karen, were married in 1989, they have two daughters currently attending Dayspring Bible College: Amy and Erica. Pastor Jim currently serves as the President of Dayspring Bible College. Karen is a graduate of DBC and serves in administration at QRBBC.

Pastor Paul Julian — Pastor of Ministries

Pastor Paul JulianPastor Paul Julian is the Director of Ministries at Quentin Road. He began following the Lord as a young man and has served in a variety of capacities at Quentin Road. Pastor Julian oversaw the 1997 addition to the church facilities — an addition that added 170,000 square feet of ministry space. This enormous project took nearly 18 months to complete and utilized a 200-member volunteer team from the church.

Pastor Julian is a talented teacher and a gifted mentor to many of the adults and youth of the church. Pastor Julian currently oversees the day-to-day operations of the many ministries at Quentin Road, serves as Dr. Scudder’s assistant in ministerial needs, oversees the administration of the Quentin Road Christian School, and conducts much of the church counseling.

Pastor Julian grew up at Quentin Road and is a product of the church’s Christian School. He is a graduate of Dayspring Bible College and Seminary and has a B.A. degree in Pastoral Studies. He and his wife, Molly, were married in May of 1991. Molly is also a graduate of Dayspring Bible College and serves as the director of  QRCP, one of the largest of its kind in the country. They have two children: Josh and Jarrod.

Pastor David Rende — Music Pastor

PPastor David Rendeastor David Rende graduated from Dayspring Bible College and Seminary in 2002 with a B.A. degree in Biblical Studies. He is a talented Bible teacher who helps people apply the teachings of the Bible to everyday life. He currently works with Quentin Road’s travel ministry, is the Director of Productions for Victory In Grace Ministries, and the Music Director of QRBBC.

Pastor Dave has been married to his wife, Kim, since 2001. Kim works as a high school teacher at the Quentin Road Christian School. They have two children: Quinn and Jenna.



Pastor Mark Julian – Dayspring Bible College Dean






Pastor Robert Vanden Bosch — President of Concerned Christian Americans

Dr. Robert Vanden BoschPastor Vanden Bosch is a full-time family lobbyist who fights for the rights of churches and religious organizations in Illinois’ capital of Springfield. He has a bachelor of Arts degree from Dort College and a Doctorate from Dayspring Bible College & Seminary.

He is the President of Concerned Christian Americans and the Vice President of Christian Schools of Illinois. He is a former pastor of the Villa Park Bible Church in Villa Park, IL. Dr. Vanden Bosch and his wife, Barb, have two children: Kyle and Katie; and two grandchildren: Logan and Cooper.



Dr. Joseph Howe — Military Ministry

Dr. Joseph Howe is the Pastor of Military Ministries at QRBBC and the Director of Chaplaincy at Dayspring Bible College & Seminary, developing and teaching the Chaplaincy Studies Program.

In 1995, Dr. Howe established World Ministries to the Armed Forces and is the Executive Director.  He is also the National Commander for the United States Service Command of America and has authored the Christian Life Handbook. Over the years, Dr. Howe traveled and developed ministries for the militaries in Korea, Philippines, Liberia, Russia & Romania.

Dr. Howe and his wife, Judy, have two grown children: Scott and Rebecca; and seven grandchildren.  Judy is part of the music ministry at QRBBC.

Pastor John Fontana — Assistant Pastor

Pastor John FontanaPastor John Fontana graduated from Dayspring Bible College in 1989 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biblical Education. After serving as the Supervisor/Principal in the Quentin Road Christian School for 21 years, Pastor John has taken the position as the Visitation Pastor and assistant to Pastor Paul Julian.

Pastor John has been married to his wife, Nancy, since 1985. Nancy serves as the Kindergarten Director of the Quentin Road Christian Preschool. They have three children: Daniel, Ryan, and Ashley.



Pastor Jon Tanney — Associate Pastor

Pastor Jon TanneyPastor Jon Tanney is a gifted speaker, singer, and the High School Supervisor at Quentin Road Christian School. Pastor Jon formerly worked in the television broadcasting department of Victory In Grace, a ministry of Quentin Road Bible Baptist Church.

Pastor Jon Tanney is a graduate of Dayspring Bible College and an alumnus of Quentin Road Christian School. Pastor Jon’s wife, Kristin, works as the church secretary. They have two children: Kate and Luke.