Midweek Bible Study

Wednesday Prayer Service

Everyone needs a break in the middle of a hectic week. We get together at Quentin Road every Wednesday to get refreshed, to find some spiritual renewal. Along with a short Bible Study, we also gather in groups of two or three and spend time in prayer. Many people have said throughout the years that this service has kept their “batteries recharged.”

Talk Time

This hour-long time of personal discussion will help answer your questions about living the Christian life. We will be studying God’s Word in a one-on-one format to learn what God desires in each of our lives. Call 847-438-4494, or take a look at our Talk Time page for more information.

Join us for dinner!
Wednesdays 4:00-6:45pm (October – May)

You are also welcome to join us downstairs before our prayer service for some of the best food in town. We’ve got fresh, homemade pizza, hamburgers off the grill, hot dogs, BBQ chicken, ribs, & pork, ice cream, and a host of other enjoyable treats at prices you won’t find anywhere else. Plus, you can’t beat the fun and fellowship of people of faith.