Why Choose Quentin Road Christian School?


An Individualized Approach  Quentin Road Christian School strives for optimum academic training for each of our students. Employing a unique, but proven PACE system from Accelerated Christian Education, this system is currently used in 7,000 schools and 130 countries around the world.

Rather than the traditional “one-size-fits-all” approach, the PACE system allows students to progress at their own speed with personal help and instruction from qualified teachers and instructors. This unique program doesn’t allow the student to advance until he or she has achieved at least an 80% grade—ensuring that the student learns the material thoroughly before moving on. Students are required to maintain a minimum level of progress and are rewarded for their work at the end of the year.

Standardized Testing Quentin Road also participates in yearly Stanford Testing, measuring the academic progress of our student body. We’ve been pleased to test out above the national average. Typically, students test between 1 and 2 grade levels above their current grade and many of our high-school students test out with post-high school scores.

Individualized Tutoring QRCS offers a brand-new, state-of-the-art Learning Lab where we help students  through individualized learning methods. Also, through our Dyslexia Solutions Center, we are meeting the rising demand for children and adults who have difficulty learning through traditional methods.

Accreditation Quentin Road Christian School is an accredited member of the Transworld Accrediting Association International (traccom.org). QRCS has satisfactorily met all accreditation standards and files an annual report to this independent, academic commission.

Live Lectures and Guest Speakers  Every week, Junior High and High School students participate in an interactive Current Events class that helps them engage and examine the news with a biblical worldview. We also host a series of lectures and speeches from a variety of special guests. Speakers include past and current members of Congress, creation scientists, college professors, theologians and others.

Athletic Programs

Quentin Road has a very active athletics program with a long tradition of excellence and Christian sportsmanship.

Elementary Sports   For the elementary grades, intramural basketball, volleyball, and baseball encourage children to compete, learn new skills, and exhibit Christian sportsmanship on and off the court.

Varsity Sports   The varsity basketball, baseball, and volleyball programs enjoy a rich tradition of competition and hometown pride, playing a full slate of home and away games every year and participating in several tournaments. QRCS also hosts an annual Quentin Road Baptist Volleyball Tournament and Baptist Classic Basketball Tournament, each boasting over 20 of the top Christian schools from around the Midwest competing in basketball and volleyball.

State-of-the-Art-Facilities   QRCS features professional, state-of-the-art facilities, including two full-sized gymnasiums, a full-sized baseball field, and a swimming pool.

Christian Coaches   QRCS employs coaches at all levels who place a premium on developing physical skills, teamwork, and discipline and also strive to model Christian character traits of fairness, sacrifice, integrity, and faith. All coaches are members of the Quentin Road Bible Baptist Church.


Annual Christmas Spectacular   Every year all grade levels participate in our annual holiday pageant, a community event with seven sold-out performances with over 2500 people in attendance every night. The students have the opportunity to partake in a professional theatrical production with drama, singing, lighting, and special effects.

Music Lessons   Students have a wide range of opportunities for lessons in voice and a variety of musical instruments. Students at all levels have regular musical instruction. Older high-school students have the option of joining the Quentin Road Church choir or the Brass Band which participate in weekly performances at Sunday worship services.

Education Outside the Classroom

The Students at Quentin Road are privileged to participate in a variety of educational extracurricular activities throughout the year.

Spring Lab   An annual trip to Northern Minnesota where High-School students are isolated from the distractions of the culture and offered time to focus on the wonders of God’s creation, fellowship with their classmates, and spend time with trusted spiritual mentors and leaders. The students engage in a variety of challenging and character-building competitions as well as hands-on science projects.

Field Trips   Throughout the year, students have the opportunity to engage in a variety of trips, including historical tours of the city of Chicago, trips to Springfield, Illinois’ capital, trips to museums and zoos, visits from the Fire Department, Police Department, and a trip to the local courthouse.

Building a Spiritual Foundation

Local-Church Support   Quentin Road Christian School is a ministry of the Quentin Road Bible Baptist Church and enjoys the logistical and spiritual support of the church body. While QRCS maintains high academic standards, our main goal is to provide children with a spiritual education that will last a lifetime. The students benefit from the solid foundation at Quentin Road Bible Baptist Church, founded over 40 years ago by Dr. James A. Scudder.

Biblical Instruction    The ACE curriculum maintains the highest academic standards as well as approaching education from a biblical worldview, ensuring that each student is immersed in Scripture as they go about their daily instruction.

  • The PACE system drills students on important biblical character traits.
  • Scripture memory is an essential part of every PACE subject.
  • Students engage in regular Bible and devotional classes.

Godly Teachers   All teachers are members of the Quentin Road Bible Baptist Church. Their mission for each child goes beyond academics to the spiritual, desiring to be a mentor and guide.


For a full tour of the QRCS facilities and more information, please contact the school office at 847-438-4494 Ext.1013 or office@qrcschool.org